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Pre Transplant Tests - Day 3

This was Day 3.  The day that I could find out my fate. Had a fitful night - still had a bit of a headache but I wasn't really surprised about that.


Today Roy and I were down to see the Physician and the Transplant Team but to my horror and shock I was told we were only going to be seeing the former. My heart dropped and tears welled up and fell out. What did they know and I didn't?  Roy then arrived and I just hugged him.  That's all I could do.  Words just wouldn't come out.  Eventually they did and I told him. What can you say to each other?  What do you think?


We were taken to the Tranplant Care Unit to be met by a Transplant Co-Ordinator and a Doctor. Once again I had to go through my medical history - questions were asked and more notes taken.  Then the news.


There are a few medical loose ends that need to be tied up before a final decision can be made: a mammogram, sorting out my bloatation, gastro reflux and I have to increase my weight but not only all of that but one of my lungs has adhered part of itself to my chest wall.  You're right - it just doesn't want to leave me!!  The surgeons have to be sure they can remove it so more discussions will be taking place.


So bearing all that in mind we now understand why we didn't meet the Transplant Team.  Still too many unanswered questions but the very good news is that if everything can be sorted out I stand a good chance of being accepted to go on the List.


So there ended my 3 days.  

I've laughed and I've cried.  

But it's all over now.

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