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5 Important Facts About Organ Donation


1.  In the vast majority of cases you have to die in an Intensive Care Unit, normally having either been in a  car accident; or had a brain haemorrhage; or suffered severe brain injury or a stroke before your organs can even be considered for transplantation.  Statistically you are more likely to need a transplant yourself than becoming an actual donor.


2.  There is absolutely no medical condition (past or present) including cancer and diabetes that prevents anyone from registering as an organ donor apart from CJD.


3.  There is absolutely no medication or treatment taken (past or present) that prevents anyone from registering as an organ donor.


4.  There is absolutely no age barrier preventing anyone from registering as an organ donor.


5.  If you have one of the original Donor Cards - you will not be on the NHS Organ Donor Register and therefore you will need to register as an organ donor.  If since registering your details have changed (name - address etc) it is a very good idea to 'amend' your details on the site.


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