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Pre Transplant Tests - Day 2

Surprisingly I had a good nights sleep but still managed to be awake at 5am.  I wonder if that had anything to do with the fact that someone was coming to take blood at 0830!


Got dressed and then House Keeping were around with breakfast - just like home (almost) two pieces of toast with Marmite and a cuppa.  However, I have to say I found my eyes watching the clock again.  It was getting nearer to the dreaded stated time.  The frequent loo visits were starting to happen all over again.  The mouth was getting drier.  When will I get over it?  


And then she appeared.  The nurse with the very large trolley full of empty bottles just waiting and wanting to be filled and to think I would be doing most of them.  I felt a lie down was absolutely necessary.  I told her that she wasn't to tell me what she was doing - I was going to close my eyes and count out aloud for the entire time the deed was being done and only when I heard those wonderful words - "T - it's all over" would I then stop.  And once again that's what happened.  At 867 I opened my eyes.  Phew - another test over.  I have to say she was brilliant and I did of course sing her praises not that I was volunteering again - oh no - that's me done with blood.


Lung Function and the 6 Minute Walk Test were next on the agenda.  I've been doing these since I was first diagnosed. Admittedly they are getting harder and I seem to have coughing fits in between each one. Because I am huffing and puffing it does take it out of me and I do feel really whacked.  These tests can take me 30 - 40 minutes so by the time I sit down I am really ready for another lie down but no such luxury as it is the Walk Test next.  Basically I have to walk as far as I can in 6 minutes whilst your heart and oxygen levels are monitored.  I just keep my head down and just keep putting one leg in front of the other and hope the other one follows!!


After lunch followed the Echocardiograph.  This was an odd one.  I had to partly undress and wear one of the fetching hospital gowns with the opening at the front.  Gel was then put on a probe and then that went on my chest - it was all to do with the heart.  I heard blood rush around from one area to the next and it seemed to make two different noises depending on where the probe was.  It was fascinating.  However, it was really uncomfortable sometimes and it was a real discomfort and the only reason that I can think of is that I haven't got much padding shall we say so there was no cushion effect.  But I just kept on telling myself that this had to be done and it wasn't going to be for too much longer.  And sure enough it was all over.  Another one done.


Roy and I were then taken back to the ward.  And then it started.  The mother of all tension headaches. All my tests were over.  What would they reveal?  I think I went into melt down.  Everything depended on the results.  It was out of my hands.  There was nothing I could do and there was nothing anyone could tell Roy or I until tomorrow.


I've said it before but sometimes I hate nights.  This was one of those nights.


Day 2 over.

What would Day 3 bring? 



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