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Pre Transplant Tests - Day 1

It finally arrived.  After weeks of waiting I was now going in for 3 days of Pre Transplant Tests the result of which would have a massive impact on the future of my life.  Would I be a suitable candidate or not? Basically would I be given a chance of life? Was I worried - you bet I was.


Another quiet drive up to Papworth.  I was busy reading all the good luck messages on Facebook and Twitter.  You would have no idea how much that boosted me up.  Checked into the main reception and was then guided to my Ward - Duchess Ward. As always the staff were really friendly and welcoming.  I was shown to my bed and Roy started to unpack my bits.


No sooner had that been done when House Keeping appeared with the tea trolley.  Cup of tea and biscuits - nothing better. And then it all started to happen.  A nurse needed to ask me loads of questions - take swabs - my temperature - my weight and height.  For the past 40 odd years I know I haven't had any growth spurts and I've always told people I'm 5ft 4".  Oh how your illusions can be squashed so easily in one fell swoop is cruel.  I had to be measured and let's just say I'm not as tall as I thought I was!!


With that aside a Doctor then came to see me.  Asked about the history of my diseases and then examined me and made copious notes.  The Pharmacist then popped in to check up about my medication and was keen to answer any questions I had.  Once again nothing was too much trouble.  I have to say I felt really secure and reassured knowing that everyone is looking after me and will do their very best for me.


After lunch my first procedure was a Perfusion Scan. I was injected with radioactive dye and then scanned for 15 minutes. I kept on thinking about The Hulk. Would I turn green - grow another 2ft (I should be so lucky) and then split my shirt open? I'm sure some of the dye must have gone to my head!! Fortunately nothing like that happened - it was all quite normal and unadventurous.


The next part of the day was meeting a Transplant Co-Ordinator. She was fabulous.  Straight to the point about Pre and Post Transplant should I get one.  It is a life long commitment - so many pills to take - the side effects of those pills - what I will and won't be able to do -  snorkelling and deep sea diving to name two.  Phew - no great loss to me but even so all the time she was talking I was just thinking - all I want is one chance to live. Throw everything at me but please give me that one chance.


Once both Roy and I had asked all our questions we left to go back to the ward.  That was it for Day 1. Now I could relax and I needed that time.  Roy stayed with me until 5pm which is when supper is served. We said our goodbyes - people say it must be tough for me.  I say it is as equally as tough for him and I couldn't get through it without him.  He is just the best and I love him so much.


With supper done I switched on my trusty iPad and watched two films back to back - a real chick flick and then an Audrey Hepburn film.  It was just the right thing for me to do.  I switched off as to where I was - I didn't think about Day 2 - I was in another world until 10pm when it was lights out.


And that  was Day 1.  

What would Day 2 bring?



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