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2nd False Alarm

Just to let you know we had another false alarm on Saturday 21st June in the morning. The phone rang at 7:15 and it was the Specialist Nurse saying that we should go to Papworth.
We arrived and were met by the Specialist Nurse who said that there was a slim chance that I would get a lung as currently it was looking like somebody was going to have a bilateral if both lungs were in good condition.   The first indications showed that the lungs were in very good condition - both of them.  I can only have a single lung transplant.
The transplant team did their tests and the lungs were in very good condition and so somebody else had a bilateral transplant. We knew this at about 1230.
Once again please say a prayer for the generous, kind hearted donor and the family who has gone on to save at least one life somewhere.  And please say a prayer for the recipient and their family as I can imagine how hard it has been for them as well.
Roy and I came home.  Both shattered beyond belief.  We will get our strength back and we just want to say thank you so very much for all the love and support that has been given to both of us. There is no way we could get through this without it. Thank you.
Take great care.
T. and Roy xxx


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