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1st False Alarm


Just want to tell you what happened to Roy and I on Wednesday 18th June 2014.  The phone rang at 3pm and it was Papworth. The Specialist Nurse said they may have a suitable lung. We were to wait an hour and he would call us back.

He did call back and said yes it looked a good lung so to make our way up to Papworth. I won't try to describe the emotions that Roy and I went through. I just couldn't stop thinking about kind hearted donor and the family who had agreed to try and save someone's life if they could. Please spare a prayer for them. They need it right now.

Roy helped me get dressed and we made our way to Papworth. We got there about 5 o'clock. From that time onwards various doctors and nurses came in and the indications were looking very good. They thought it would go ahead at about 1030 - 11 o'clock.

I was fully prepped and ready to go to theatre. By that I mean I had the hospital gown on.  I had a body wash as I wasn't strong enough to shower.  I had my arms shaved and part of my groin area too.  Loads of blood was taken and I had to do a urine sample.  All the time the nerves were kicking in and I felt nervous.  I kept on wanting/needing to go the loo but I had to use the camode as it was easier for me.  In the end we decided to keep the camode in the room because I was going so often.  The anesthetist came in to ask me questions and to sign some forms and to explain what would happen if it went ahead.  He said I'd be taken to the theatre area and two cannualas would be put into my hand area.  One of the surgeons came to see me too.  Everyone is very calm and has time for you.  I asked the nurse when the catheter would be inserted and was told not until I was asleep.  It is strange but that always worried me.  I felt so tired and so nervous.  Thank goodness I had Roy right by my síde.  It was so hard for him too.  Equally as hard.

Then the Specialist Nurse came in who had been with us since calling Roy and said they were doing their final checks. He eventually came back at 12:30 and said the lung was not suitable. We then both went through more mixed emotions. We left at 1am and got back here at 2am. It was a very long 11 hours. We were both really shattered.

Finally please don't forget that prayer for the donor and their lovely family. They need it right now. 

Look after yourselves.
T. and Roy  xxx

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