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The Day I Was Told


There are just some days in the year that stand out from all the rest.  


23rd August 1986 - the day I met Roy.

30th May 1992 - the day I married Roy.

18th November 1986 - the day my most wonderful mum died.

18th March 2010 - the day I started Save5.

17th December 2012 - the day I got the call from Papworth telling me I was now on the Organ Transplant Waiting List.


From that day forth - the 17th December - my life - our life - was never going to be the same again.  In truth since the day I was diagnosed I always knew that a transplant was my only hope but to actually be on the List is a very different feeling from the theory.


The call came.  It was very matter of fact and lasted only a couple of minutes.  I put the receiver down.   I felt mixed emotions.  On one hand I was so relieved that I had been given 'one chance' but on the other hand I realised that this was it.  This was my 'final and only chance'.


Suddenly tears came from nowhere.  I think 3 years of emotions surfaced and tears flowed.  Roy and I hugged each other.  We looked into each other's eyes.  We've been together for 26 years.  We never in a million years thought when we first met that this is how it would be.  But I guess no one ever does.  I mean what is meant to happen is that you both have careers - retire - then do all the things that you said you'd do together and then live to a ripe old age continuing to be blissfully happy.  But life for us wasn't panning out how it was meant to be.


Once the tears had subsided - we talked.  My only fear in all of this is that I die whilst being operated on. This has to be a very normal feeling.  But even though I thought this - I had to find the positive.  And I did.


I told Roy that if I did die then at least I would be in the right place with the Transplant Team just by my side so that my other 5 organs could be used along with my tissue and corneas.  I really could make a difference for so many people who are in the very same situation as me just as some very kind hearted person had tried to save my life.  That is the very reason why I started Save5.  To make a difference for the better.   To do something worthwhile with my life.


And once I had said it - I felt a calm peace.  Tissues were put away.  Practicality now stepped in.


We've put phones in several rooms.  My bag is packed.  Phone numbers have been given to Papworth.  We are going to still live our lives and have as much fun as we possibly can.  


Life is going to continue and if and when we get the call - then we shall deal with it together just as we have faced everything - together.








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